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Accounting is a complicated business in general.  Accounting for MSP and IT companies is a whole new level of complicated.  Leasing vehicles for service technicians, travel expenses, product procurement, C-level expenses, support, the list goes on and on.

There is so much to think about operationally when running an MSP, the biggest problem when it comes to MSP accounting is that the department is overlooked or under-served.  Systems and standards are in place for support and projects, but when it comes to the accounting department, not so much.

At BASS Accounting, we’ve learned what it takes to create and control a successful accounting department for MSP and IT companies.  We would like to share our experience and what the most important factors are that lead to smooth operations, more upside and profitability.

“As an MSP I am familiar with outsourcing obviously.  BASS strives for what we strive for: a really close personal client relationship and a desire not to just deliver the accounting but to really add value to what we do.  Were pretty complex at $7m in revenues and multiple lines of business.  We outsource our accounting because we needed a team of experts.  The results are better, faster and my people are free from the work of accounting.”

Conor Smith

President & CEO, First Call Computer Solutions

Functions of Your MSP Accounting Department

Accounting departments can be broken into seven essential functions.  For each of these functions, controls should be in place for recording, monitoring and updating at all times.  If one system function fails, the others will not be far behind.

These essential functions include:

1.)  Business Cost & Revenue

2.)  Accounts Receivable

3.)  Accounts Payable

4.)  Payroll

5.)  Financial Reporting & Analysis

6.)  Taxes & Compliance

7.) Budgeting


Not sure where to start?

For more information on our Signs You Need a New Accountant: Your Guide to Assessing the Health of Your Accounting Services, our e-guide can help you find gaps and improvements for your accounting department!  Grab a guide today! 

Accounting Controls for You MSP

MSPs and IT companies already understand the importance of having controls systems in place.  When you are managing or maintaining a business’s network or the network’s security, having systems in place to ensure functions stay operational is a critical to job success.

This is the same for the accounting department.  But oftentimes, accounting is not an IT company’s specialty.  At BASS, we have worked with MSPs and IT companies in the past, we understand the complexity of their systems.  Each company will have their differences, but customizing a plan for what’s right for you is what sets us apart from all the other cookie-cutter accounting firms out there.


These process will be complex.  That is why our tool stack is so important to the success of our campaigns.

We utilize Connectwise as our professional services automation solution.  Our team may work remote, but we are connected on a much deeper level through Connectwise.

We pride ourselves on pushing technological barriers when it comes to the accounting world and our services. Automation makes tasks easier, more efficient and eliminates the threat of human error.

Our success comes from the right people in the right seats, and leveraging technology to raise our capabilities to the next level.

Finding Success in Accounting for MSPs & IT Companies

As much as we would like to automate all our services, people always be a valuable resource for our organization.

We need to be able to communicate with your team in order to understand your business’s goals and where you want to be as an organization.

In short, we understand the workings of MSPs and IT companies.  Whether you offer co-managed services, cybersecurity and ransomware services, cloud-based, licensing Microsoft 365, or all the above!  We can help bring control and alignment to your accounting department.

Remove the accounting woes from the equation, let a team of dedicated professionals who understand your industry take over.  Good accounting saves money.  Bad accounting ruins businesses.

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how BASS can take accounting off your plate.

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