Outsourced Accounting in the Trucking Industry

Outsourced Accounting in the Trucking Industry

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Outsourced Accounting Explained for Trucking Companies

Understanding the benefits of outsourced accounting should be one of your first steps when deciding on if its right for your trucking business.  Take a few minutes to understand the benefits of outsourced accounting specifically for your industry.

Trucking Industry Trends

The coronavirus highlighted and accelerated many of the trends happening in the trucking industry.  This is causing trucking companies to take a closer look at their expenses they can reduce. 

“They make the cloud process so easy and there is always a follow up so nothing slips through the cracks. We’re kept on track and ready for tax season.”

Outsourcing your accounting for your trucking company can help you improve efficiency, save time, and save money. 

Trucking companies face continued tax challenges, deductions, and accountability along with fluctuating markets. Get clear guidelines

Our Goals

BASS Accounting has a hands-on, proactive approach to keeping your finances in order and running smoothly.

Our Focus

We want to have your trust so we can become an integral part of your team! Outsourced accounting can become an invaluable resource to help your business.


Trusted by Clients Like You

“Scott and his team’s knowledge have helped to streamline my processes and helped me be able to focus on what I am good at, rather than doing a poor job at what they are good at. I highly recommend them to help with whatever accounting services you may need.”


Not sure where to start?

Our Signs You Need a New Accountant: Your Guide to Assessing the Health of Your Accounting Services eguide can help you find gaps and improvements for your accounting department including areas like:

  1. Business Cost of Revenue
  2. Accounts Receivable
  3. Accounts Payable
  4. Payroll
  5. Financial Reporting & Analysis
  6. Taxes & Compliance
  7. Budgeting

Work through the essentials with this helpful guide to give you the right checks & balances to get your accounting department cleaned-up and flowing well.

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