Cloud Based Accounting

Jul 26, 2021 | Accounting

Flexible Accounting 

Your industry needs flexibility in its accounting because of the moving pieces your business deals with on a daily basis.  Remote accounting is becoming a standard practice and provides more benefits than ever.  Cloud based accounting allows BASS to communicate virtually without getting in the way of our clients’ business operations.  Software enables businesses to always keep an eye on their important financial indicators.  No more worrying about needing a file off an employee’s computer.  

Our clients’ needs come first in all our provided services.  We understand each business comes with unique accounting circumstances and that’s why our flexible outsourced accounting model allows us to recommend the best financial solution to our clients.  

Remote Accounting 

Our model of outsourced accounting allows you to maintain complete control of your finances, without paying the cost of employing a professional or team of professionals in house. Our Right Path Program will merge your goals and objectives into a sound accounting solution that will enable you to create stability and generate progress. 

Personal Accounting 

Getting to know our clients is our favorite part of the job.   BASS has been an early adopter of working remotely with clients, which has allowed us to implement secure technologies in our daily practices.  Clients can access their files, see invoices, reports and anything else with a click of a button. 

Principled Accounting 

Accounting is a procedure driven profession and BASS follows procedures diligently.  GAAP is the accounting standard adopted by the SEC. Following GAAP guidelines is a serious matter to us because that’s how we build trust both with our clients and regulatory agencies. 

Staying on top of all the trends of accounting is impossible for a business that doesn’t specialize in the field.  Knowing your own business is following the government regulated standard can be done remotely and is now a common practice. 

Third-Party Accounting 

There are plenty of other third-party accounting firms in existence today, but we set ourselves apart from all the others through our remote management style and our user-friendly software. With BASS Accounting, you’ll feel like you have your own team of accountants working with you every step of the way (and in reality, this is exactly what’s happening). 

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