Accounting Tips to Help Your Business Save Money

Jul 26, 2021 | Accounting

Develop Habits: 

The most important tip to help your business save money is establishing habits of all the accounting tips found below.  Practicing an accounting principle or action is easy a couple of times, but making it part of your everyday ritual is difficult.  Make it a goal to implement good accounting habits in your everyday life. 


This seems like a no brainer, but thousands of dollars can be expensed every year and businesses are losing out on this opportunity because their employees don’t keep the receipts.  Receipts are pesky and seem meaningless when you are making a small $5 charge.  The receipts will add up, especially if you have a bunch of employees.   

A recommended accounting practice is to keep an organizational folder to keep paper receipts.  The 21st century practice is to take advantage of cloud services and keep digital receipts that is connected to a company credit card, which leads me to my next point. 

Credit Cards: 

A company credit is a huge asset because it simplifies record keeping both for yourself and your outsourced accountant.  It’s hard to remember every little receipt you should have at the end of the month.  Establishing a credit card account only used for business purposes makes your life that much easier.  Credit cards help enable cloud accounting and is a specialty of Bass. 


There is a limitless amount of software choices you can select for accounting needs.  From Quickbooks to Netsuite, these software choices bring many of your accounting functions into one place and allows you to track your financials easier.  Working with Outsourced Accounting firms helps you navigate this marketplace if you have questions. 

Save your Records: 

The taxman will eventually be knocking at your door and you will need to ensure you have all your records.  Monthly, Quarterly and Annual statements come in many different forms.  Establishing a process of record keeping for taxes, expenses, revenue, operating costs, and anything else financially sensitive.  Don’t lose money when doing your taxes and establish consistent healthy record keeping practices. 


Do your employees ever take cash? Did they use a personal card when conducting standard business?  Notebooks are often encouraged because it is one more failsafe to refer to when tracking down expenses.  This practice may seem a little old school, but it’s still used today because it helps you keep your thoughts and activities in one place. 

Ask for Help:  

At the end of the day, accounting is an exact science and it’s easy for anyone to make a mistake.  Businesses should rely on the experts help for any financial questions.  BASS is always here to answer any questions, whether they be complicated or simple.

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