The Benefits of Outsourced Accounting for the Trucking Industry

Jul 26, 2023 | Trucking

A-Level Employees:

 Outsourcing your accounting needs is the best way to match the right job for the right person.  Businesses don’t have years of experience in every field, they have experience in their own field.  You handle the logistics of your trucking needs, and we can handle the logistics of your financials. 

BASS Accounting is fully staffed with certified accountants who know how to drive your accounting to its fullest potential.  Hiring and losing certified accountants can be a pain for your business.  Take away that hassle and we take care of it for you. 

Reducing Costs: 

Outsourcing accounting reduces costs for your trucking business.  We know the financials to prove it! Keeping your accounting services inside your business comes with the costs of employee salaries, benefits, recurring supply costs and needing a place for them to work.  Avoiding these costs is simple.  Work with BASS to avoid these costs and save more money. 

Saving Time: 

From working with trucking businesses like yours, we know meeting deadlines for truckers is a huge priority!  BASS accounting saves time for your business by quickly managing your financials, taking care of all accounting staffing needs, keeping up on all accounting practices and more.  Let us give you more time in your day to focus on your business operations, while we focus on your accounting needs.

Efficient Skill Management:

The skill level of all employees is different. Some come to the table with degrees, others with experience, and others with smoke and mirrors. As a business owner, you are not in the business of accounting, so your level of skill is not the level at which one should manage all these variations. Especially hard to manage is the lack of skill, because it is not readily noticeable on the financial records. This lack of skill is hard to detect at times and doubly hard to find a replacement and start the process over again. 

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Not sure where to start?

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  2. Accounts Receivable
  3. Accounts Payable
  4. Payroll
  5. Financial Reporting & Analysis
  6. Taxes & Compliance
  7. Budgeting

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