The BeeHive Homes Accountant: An Owner & Regional Representative shares his experience working with BASS

Jan 27, 2023 | Accounting, Assisted Living Facilities, Outsourced Accounting, Senior Care

As an owner or operator of an assisted living facility or nursing home, you are responsible for providing a safe, comfortable environment for the elderly residents who rely on you for care.

Unfortunately, running and operating an assisted living facility or nursing home can come with its own set of challenges and difficulties. From finding qualified staff to staying up-to-date on regulations and laws, the daily tasks of running an assisted living facility or nursing home can be daunting.

Pile your accounting functions on top and

it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

Luckily, Scott Allred and BASS Accounting specialize in accounting for assisted living facilities and works with owners and operators around the country.  Furthermore, they have developed a long-standing relationship with BeeHive Homes and their operations.

We sat down with Ty Harding, a BeeHive Homes Regional Representative for 45 homes and owner of 7 homes, to learn about his experience working with Scott, BASS, and how it has improved his business. 

Read his story below:

Meet Ty Harding

“I was raised in Pleasant Grove, Ut and moved to Montana in 1991 to pursue a new career in the restaurant business. I met Scott Allred in the early 90’s.  He was doing some accounting for the restaurant company that I worked with. 

I started a new business in 1996 called BeeHive Homes, a quality senior assisted living facility in a residential setting.”

Troubles for New Franchise Partners

Operating Senior homes have many operational parts. Many of our new Franchise partners get bogged down with accounting items and in the end, it keeps them away from their primary goal to provide quality care for seniors in the last chapter of their lives. 

Scott’s services allow franchise partners to pick and choose those accounting items that they feel they cannot give the necessary time to. 

Trusting an accounting firm to lift this burden has been a real blessing!

Why Chose BASS Accounting?

“BASS is an accounting company that wears many hats.  Bill paying, payroll, tax preparation, consultation, etc.  Prior to BASS, many of my clients were reaching out to a lot of different entities to fill the gaps needed. 

Because of the high level of trust and the excellent performance of Scott, it was an easy decision to make him our CPA. I am currently the owner of seven BeeHive Homes, and I am a BeeHive Homes Regional Representative for 45 homes scattered across 4 states.

When it comes to accounting needs, BASS has the capability to handle most, if not all the accounting needs for my clients.”

What’s the best part of working with BASS Accounting?

Probably the best part of the BASS experience is that it is led by a person that is passionate and has a sense of when he needs to engage.

Scott is an excellent problem solver, that cares about his clients’ concerns.  

You get a feeling that Scott and his team consistently take action to create value in the lives of his clients.

Final thoughts around BASS?

I have worked with Scott and his team for over three decades now. Scott’s team is always my first referral to my new Franchise Partners. 

Currently, 8 of my clients use BASS’ services.  That should speak volumes for the quality of service that BASS provides.